We design personalized marketing strategies in order to achieve the objective of each brand by implementing creative messages into the different audiences and diverse scenarios having as priority alternative interaction channels as social media. 

We reinforce the corporative messages and endow legitimacy optimizing your company efforts. Through efficient communication. We identify the interests and needs of the consumers about the product or services offered by our clients. Our services ranging from strategy and creative thinking through the implementation and monitoring results.

Social Media Strategy

A solid strategy is to know what your customers want, where they are, what you offer and when to do it. Give to receive. The social media marketing increases retention and brand loyalty, especially with regard to questions, comments and references. Ask for our specialized packages.

Engagement Planning

If you do things for your followers, they will do things for you. We are professionals with strategic vision, willing to get your followers to do what you need.

Entertainment Digital Management

The world of entertainment has changed. Social networks are already over traditional media and brought into DIRECT CONTACT the fans with his actors, musicians or favorite artists. If you go to launch a new movie, program or show, you need a Digital Media Strategist to make the most of your investment in social settings. Or if you're a celebrity, you need a Digital PR Manager to help you present the correct way, everything you do around your career or personal life, even if you're a musician looking to make much noise as possible with your new video lyric in Youtube.

Influencers & Bloggers

We have a broad relationship with social networking influencers who are actors, singers, models, chefs, even bloggers with high traffic sites. With them, we do gatherings and "experiential" meetings for them to try the products and services of our customers to make then share with their millions of followers.

PR Services

We offer a wide exposure to companies and personalities, not only on social networks but in print, online and broadcast media in the United States, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

We have a strong relationship with the media, locally and internationally, so that our media encounters are highly effective for our customers.

Video Marketing

Take advantage of tools such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Periscope to show your qualities, products or services on the most popular audiovisual networks with the correct format, illumination, quality, sound, and of course, the right concept and strategy to exploit the views, comments and likes in each one of your networks. Impress, Connect, and sell!

Web Solutions

So many people create websites, the difference of going with a programmer to go with our agency is that we’re not only focus on the design and programming, we also create strategies, starting from the competitive analysis, keyword research for your business, perform audits of content and optimize your post.

Your site must be multidevice, consumers will see your site and its content in Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones. The design solutions for multidevice websites are a key component of any digital marketing strategy. Stop saying the phrase "In the computer looks better." Keep everything covered from the slightest detail as the selection of a domain well done!

Talent Management

Talent management is the science of using strategic human resource planning to improve business value and to make it possible for companies and organizations to reach their goals. We have a list of model, musician, actors and host, and they can be part of your event, or push your digital presence.


We undertake the organization, design, production and planning of corporate events, launches, conferences, festivals, conventions and private parties. We put your brand in the mouth of all by producing events with the luxurious feel and quality that characterizes us.


We offer you all our services focused on the social media in Spanish, we maximize your actual strategy rerouting and adapting it to the hispanic culture managed by native Spanish speakers. We can also work together with your digital agency in order to structure a effective campaign to reach the goals.

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